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Friday, January 4, 2008

How to Copy PSP games with PSP X Studio

Here's another excellent psp copying tool I found that provides all the things you need to back up your PSP games and UMD movies! All you need is a computer with a dvd drive , PSP usb cable and a PSP memory stick to copy psp games, mp3s, umd movies, and much much more.... PSP X Studio allows you to play your favourtie PSP games and movies off the memory stick rather than using your UMD drive , this has its advantages as you are able to preserve your UMD originals, conserve battery power and experience faster game performance! To find out more about PSP X Studio refer to the features list below or to download it click here.

PSP X Studio Features -

  • Converts DVDs to run on your PSP
  • Works with any regional setting
  • No loss of picture and sound quality
  • Transfer any file format Divx, RM, AVI, XVID, WMV, MPEG4, 3G ...
  • Auto configs your PSP to be region free with any UMD
  • Access to PSP Downloads - Movies, Games, MP3, Software...
  • Activate hidden browser already in your PSP
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible
  • Full money back guarantee!!

FREE Bonus Features-

  • UMD ISO Shrinker to compress your PSP backups
  • Emulator programs to run your PSP copies from memory stick
  • UMD Ripper software to convert your PSP backups to ISO
  • PSP Hacker tutorials
  • 9 Emulators -
    -Gameboy / Gameboy Color
    -Super Nintendo
    -Sega Genesis
    -Neo Geo Pocket
    -Turbo Grafx 16
    -Nintendo (NES)


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