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Monday, March 2, 2009

Can you really Copy PSP games? - Run PSP games from your SD Card

If you look around, most kids are carrying a Sony PSP or another type of handheld gaming device to play games.Now you can enjoy the same experience you had on the PS3 or xbox with the Sony PSP and not lose the quality in visuals and gameplay , it has totally changed the way gaming is vieweds and certainly raised the bar in video gmaing as we know it. Hence the reason you need to copy psp games.

Due to the relatively small size of the games most are prone to damage either through scratching or dirt entering inside the protective cover that comes with every PSP game. For this reason its not a bad idea to learn how to Backup UMD discs just like copying PS2 games and save alot of money in the process. There are lots of free tools and tech sites on the internet that can show you how to copy psp games but if your not familiar with the geek talk backing up PSP games can be a tedious and sometimes frustrating procedure.

Fortunately there are easy to use software tools and guides available out there that make this possible!You don't need very much, most of you will have a PC, but you need to get a hold of a SD card (2 gig recommended) and a crossover cable. The software programs come with guides that show you how to dump PSP games on onto your computer then transfer them onto your PSP memory stick. The larger the sd card the more games you are able to play from it, thus preserving your originals from being damaged.

You can have mulitple games running off your memory card, the potential is enormous!!By play your games off your sd card instead of your discs you are saving tons of money in replacing your discs when they get scratched.

To start copy psp games now just visit my link below, its worth the investment and time , you'll save lots of money in the long run and protect your valuable originals from being damaged and scratched.

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